A few weeks ago we included an announcement that the

Appreciation Dinner was canceled this year. The reason is

that I will be having a hernia repair this week (June 19).

It is minor surgery that takes about one hour. I have had this

surgery before, so I know what to expect. However, since it

did come back, this time it will have to be a “regular”

operation, not laparoscopically as the others were done. I’m

told that I should expect to not do too much for a few days

(hence the change with the dinner) and about one month for

full recovery. I will still be able to function except that I am

told to avoid certain activities such as lifting. All will be fine.

In fact I’m looking forward to getting a few days off!

As long as I’m writing about changes in schedule, here’s

another one to put on your calendars. We are moving the

date for our parish picnic. As you know, All Saints is

becoming St. Mary Academy. In celebration of its opening,

Bishop O’Connell will celebrate the 11:30am Mass in St.

Mary of the Pines on September 8. After the Mass, we will

join with St. Mary Academy for one big picnic in observance

of this historic and special moment. I hope you can join us

and our Bishop.

I have one more news flash to share with you. Many already

know, but I recently purchased a new vehicle! My other one

was paid in full and I was ready for a change. That car was

still in good shape, though, so I decided to pass it on to my

niece, Marie-Claire, who was looking to get her first car. I

was able to help her out and also finally cross one item off

my bucket list – heated seats! The good news is that monthly

payments are lower, but the bad news is that no one can find

me anymore. The bright blue of my last car with the easily

recognized blue plate, GLO, is no more! I now travel about

town in an inconspicuous gray and new plates.

On another note, I will be visiting Holy Trinity in Uganda

in August. If there are any brave parishioners who would

like to visit our twin parish, let me know so we can make


Finally, this Saturday, June 15, we had our annual gathering

of all the ministries of our parish under the banner of MANY

MINISTRIES/ONE MISSION. It’s a great time to meet one

another and share what each is doing. One of the main

themes was a reminder that we are called to work together

as one parish, one Church, and not retreat into being

territorial or competitive. Each ministry does great things but

it is important to think beyond our individual ministry and

support and encourage one another. Again, we have many

ministries, but we share ONE mission!

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit;

there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there

are different workings but the same God who produces all of

them in everyone.”(1 Corinthians 12:4-6)