St. Mary Academy New School Uniform and Policy

Uniforms play an important role in Catholic school education and serves many purposes.   Uniforms enhance the school’s identity, has a positive impact on students learning and behavior in and around the school, serves to "UKnight" students and increase school pride, and eliminates barriers allowing all students to be treated equally.    During this transition to Academy status, St. Mary Academy will be using the same vendor, Flynn O'Hara for the 2019-2020 school year.  

St. Mary Academy students are expected to participate in the school's uniform policy daily.    Please log in or create an account at Flynn O'Hara for uniform details.   The formal uniform described will be worn for all school masses (all seasons), special occasions, and during the 2nd trimester (late fall and winter).   The non-formal uniform will be worn during the fall (trimester 1) and spring (trimester 3) seasons.   

For comfort and safety purposes, students may choose a brand of shoe other than those listed on the Flynn O'Hara websites.   However, shoes must be black for boys and black or blue for girls.   Sneakers for Physical Education may be any brand as long as they provide comfort, have appropriate soles, and are not flamboyant, flashy, or overly colorful.   

Historically, uniforms have promoted greater school spirit and can prove to be a powerful motivator.  It is our collective goal to provide the children with the most positive learning experience in an environment that is safe and nurturing.  We continue to ask for your support during this transition.     

Plans to donate used ASRCS uniforms are underway.   Please stay on the lookout for further information. 

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