Update & Mission of SMA by Principal Coyne...Go Knights!!

Dear St. Mary Parishioners-

I hope you are all enjoying time with your beautiful families.

As you probably know, I have officially landed in Manahawkin and opened the doors to St. Mary Academy approximately seven weeks ago. My son and I thoroughly appreciate the warm welcome received by those with whom we have come in contact as well as the as the parishioners of St. Mary’s Church. We are honored to be a part of this thoughtful and generous community.

Having a blank canvas from which to work, I can’t help but think about the tremendous opportunity for St. Mary Academy to become a prestigious, private Catholic school in Southern Ocean County. St. Mary Academy will become a special place that teaches children to embrace the influence of God in their daily lives and help them develop the skills necessary to become confident and effective citizens of the world. I am pleased to share with you the mission of St. Mary Academy. 

St. Mary Academy
A place for children to learn, grow, love and serve

St. Mary Academy is a faith based school community for students in grades PreK3-8 that provides a Catholic/Christian education within the context of a parish sponsored school. St. Mary Academy provides a rich STREAM program that encourages students to reach their full potential through a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. Students are provided with a foundation that enables them to grow in faith, wisdom, and knowledge as Disciples of Christ.

The past few weeks have been busy. I have been working closely with Monsignor Ken and Patrick Grabowski as well as volunteer members of the community. The Chapel renovation is almost complete as is the roof replacement, upgrades to the HVAC system, and outdoor learning spaces. The new server will be installed next week with greater bandwidth and access points for better use of technology. The middle school Science Lab is transforming into a state of the art Science and Math Center, new elementary Science Labs have been purchased, STREAM Friday plans are underway, and the Library is less cluttered and receiving a little bit of a make over as well. Monthly, the school community will participate in Tag Days where the students can pay $2.00 to be out of uniform and the proceeds will support a cause, including but not limited to BirthRight of Barnegat and St. Bernard’s Food for Pets. 

In addition, the Religious Education Program has been redefined and Masses will include even greater participation from teachers and students. It is our hope that students develop a stronger understanding of their Catholic faith and continue to learn, grow, love and serve. 

I am truly blessed to have such incredibly compassionate and dedicated people who only want to see St. Mary Academy thrive and I invite you to call us to schedule a personalized tour. I look forward to our shared partnership as we march on as The Knights! May God continue to bless you and your families throughout the remaining summer weeks.

Lizanne M. Coyne