• One Parish Family With Two Church Buildings

    One Parish Family With Two Church Buildings

    Whether you are a new member of our parish or have been part of St. Mary's for years, you will find in these pages the many programs, activities, and services available to you at St. Mary's. We discovered years ago that parishioners flourish in their service to Christ when they are serving in the area of their gifts and in conjunction with their God-given uniqueness. Ask God in prayer to aid you to discover your gifts and where you might use them most effectively.

  • St. Mary's Barnegat

    St. Mary's Barnegat

    Weekend Masses
    Saturday: 5:30pm
    Sunday: 8:00am, 10:00am, Noon & 5:00pm 

    Weekday Masses
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am

    Confession Schedule
    1st Fridays after Mass; every Saturday 3:30pm to 4:00pm

  • St. Mary of the Pines

    St. Mary of the Pines

    Weekend Masses
    Saturday: 4:00pm
    Sunday: 7:30am, 9:00am, 11:30am 

    Weekday Masses
    Monday - Friday: 9:00am

    Confession Schedule
    1st Fridays after Mass; 1st Saturdays 3:00pm to 3:30pm

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   Uganda Ministry……. Helping Holy Trinity Parish
...To find up to date photos & activities that the Uganda Ministry is involved in, and progress that the Uganda Ministry has made for our twin parish, Holy Trinity Parish. View us on our new Facebook page.

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Trip To Holy Trinity Parish

We are investigating parishioner interest in traveling to Holy Trinity next summer, August 2018. This trip will enable us to see firsthand the wonderful contributions and buildings that your donations have helped to create there. This is our chance to see first-hand what Father Vincent has accomplished in such a short period of time since we began our joint effort three years ago. This is also an opportunity to connect, person to person, with the parishioners of our TWIN PARISH in Uganda. This experience shall allow us to see how our fellow Catholics live in another part of the world. This part of the world is generally unknown to us except for watching TV shows or perhaps a movie travelogue of Africa. We will meet and greet many individuals, many families, and visit many villages that are ministered to by Father Vincent via Holy Trinity. Our efforts at improving their lives will be envisioned first hand by making this trip. This real life experience is a wonderful way to experience your Acts of Mercy, both physical and spiritual. If you might consider joining Monsignor Ken and a group of St. Mary parishioners on this once in a lifetime mission, call Mary Goss @ 732-929-9013.

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